How do I access the membership home page?

After you have signed up for a membership, you will receive an email with the link and login to access the membership home page. You have unlimited access 24/7 to this page.

What sheets and videos are available?

To see the list of available sheets, follow this link

To see the list of available videos, follow this link

These links are updated when new videos and lessons come out.

Do all sheets have video lessons in the member area?

No, not all sheets have a guided talking lesson with Jonny. However, our sheet music uses the powerful Soundslice player which gives the option of seeing an overhead camera angle with the sheet. These videos will be added for our video collection.

For our in-depth video lessons, sheet music is available and can be downloaded, along with practice booklets.

How do I cancel my membership?

Simply go to the membership home page, scroll down, and select “cancel membership.” You can also email us directly if you want to cancel.

You can renew your membership at anytime.

How long does my membership discount last?

Your membership discount lasts as long as you are paying monthly for a PWJ membership. Once you cancel your membership, you will renew at the regular price, or if we have another special offer happening you can renew at that price.

Do you have any future plans for the membership?

Yes! We plan to release more sheet music and videos regularly.

We also plan to upgrade the membership with other features such as music accompaniment tracks, practice tips, and audio downloads. Expect to see these roll out in the next 3-6 months.

Members also get notified first about live webinar events with Jonny May.

What can I expect from the PWJ Facebook Member Group?

In the Facebook Member group, you will join a passionate community of piano players who are taking on the same goals as you! We share our progress, ask questions, and share tips to help you succeed at learning different styles of piano music.